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What is time team

Time Team is a British television series which has been aired on Channel 4 since 1994. Created by television producer Tim Taylor and presented by actor Tony Robinson, each episode features a team of specialists carrying out an archaeological dig over a period of three days, with Robinson explaining the process in layman's terms. This team of specialists has changed throughout the series' run, although has consistently included professional archaeologists like Mick Aston, Francis Pryor and Phil Harding. The sites that have been excavated over the show's run have ranged in date from the Palaeolithic right through to the Second World War.

Time Team developed from an earlier Channel 4 series, Time Signs, first broadcast in 1991. Produced by Taylor, Time Signs had featured Aston and Harding, who both went on to appear on Time Team. Following that show's cancellation, Taylor went on to develop a more attractive format, producing the idea for Time Team, which Channel 4 also picked up, broadcasting the first series in 1994. Time Team has had many companion shows during its run, including Time Team Extra, History Hunters and Time Team Digs, whilst several spin-off books have also been published. The series also features special episodes, often documentaries on history or archaeology, and live episodes. Time Team America, a US version of the programme, has been broadcast on PBS from July 2009, and co-produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting and Videotext/C4i.

Various figures involved in British archaeology and heritage management have recognised the influence of Time Team in promoting the discipline amongst the British public. Equally, some figures in academic and professional archaeology have expressed misgivings about the series, arguing that it presents an inaccurate picture of field archaeology to the general public.

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The show that combines archaeological discovery with good storytelling, is back for a gripping second season. Each of the four new episodes explores a different region and time in U.S. history through the eyes, ears and expertise of a team of adventurous archaeologists. TIME TEAM AMERICA premieres Monday, June 16 at 10 p.m. on OPB and airs Mondays at 10 p.m. through July 7. The first two episodes will then air nationwide Tuesday, August 19, 2014, followed by the second two on August 26, 9 p.m. EST and PST, 8 p.m. Central on PBS.

In each one-hour episode of TIME TEAM AMERICA, archaeologists Joe Watkins, Allan Maca, Meg Watters, Chelsea Rose and excavator Jeff Brown join forces with host Justine Shapiro to uncover historical secrets buried beneath the soil. Part adventure, part hard science, part reality show, TIME TEAM AMERICA applies the latest technology and the team’s collective expertise to solving the riddles of the past—against a ticking clock. The team has just three days to find out what it can at each site.


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